The feels 🍃

Healthy food in Taft 🍔🍟🍴👅

Happy birthday to my college best friend @cheekeenikki who stuck by me through thick and thin. Who practically knows me to well even if we just met 3 yrs ago! Cheers to more birthdays, diet moments, pig outs, dance trainings, sleepovers, parties and tambay moments. You know I’ll always be there and will never judge you no matter how cray you are or your opinions. Cuz we cray like that! See you tom! Labyu! And happy 19th buuurdaaaay~

26 months of adventures 💏💕 WAAAAH! I love you alottle @BENJIEneer!!! Thank you so much for everything :* :3

Studying never fails to make me hungry 🙈👅

My favorite snack 👅🍓🍫

Treat yourself 💆


Cheer for the most talented bunch ever! Woot woot! So happy to have met you guys! Can’t wait to bond w/ you guys more!

Have a safe flight tomorrow! 💕💕💕💕 And thank you so much for choreographing/teaching! It means the world to me and the group!
Sabaw days 5ever w/ this girl! @cheekeenikki